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The Administrative module is designed to facilitate maintaining the data required to provide a totally integrated warehouse management application.


  • Maintain Customer Information

  • Maintain Product Information

  • Maintain Tariff Information

  • Maintain Facility Information

  • Maintain Consignee Information

  • Maintain Vendor Information

  • Maintain Ledger Information

  • Maintain Reporting Information



  • Customer Information

  • Product Information

  • Tariff Information

  • Facility Information

  • Consignee Information

  • Vendor Information

  • Ledger Information

The Billing module is designed to facilitate the billing process by providing a variety of user customized methods to generate the appropriate invoice desired.


  • Warehouse Receipts Only

  • Combination Warehouse Receipt & Initial  Invoicing

  • Renewal Invoicing

  • Miscellaneous Invoicing (i.e., Transfers, Deliveries, Labor, Withdrawals, etc.)


Management Reporting

  • Aggregate Daily Balance Customer Activity

  • Detailed Income Analysis

  • Detailed Sales Analysis

  • Comparative Sales Analysis

The Accounts Receivable module is designed to maintain customer information, maintain customer invoices, apply cash, age accounts and generate customer statements.

Accounts Receivable

  • Maintain Open-item Accounts Receivable

  • Provides for Cash Receipts in Advance of Invoicing

  • Applies Cash by Account or Specific Invoices

  • Allows Partial Payment to an Account or Specific Invoice

  • Ages Accounts Receivable Balances

  • Provides Customer Statements

  • Distributes in Summary or Detail directly to the General Ledger

  • Allows Online Account Inquiry


A/R Reporting

  • Aged Customer Summary

  • Aged Customer Trial Balance

  • Customer Invoice Register

  • Cash, Sales & Adjustment Edit Listing

  • Customer Confirmation Letters

The Accounts Payable module is designed to automate and simplify the payment of vendor invoices while maintaining vendor liability and payment information through the use of comprehensive management analysis reports.

Accounts Payable

  • Accommodates Single or Multiple Warehouse/Companies, centralized or Decentralized Companies

  • Provides General Ledger Account Coding for Automatic Input to the General ledger Module

  • Provides Payment Hold Capability for Vendor or Invoice

  • Projects Cash Requirements Based on User-Specified Time Periods and Assists in Bank Reconciliation

  • Handles Manual and Voided Checks

  • Produces Check Writing Registers

  • Provides for Multiple Banks

  • Calculates Discount Dates & Amounts Based Upon Vendor or Invoice Data

  • Produces Vendor Name & Address Mailing Labels


A/P Reporting

  • Cash Requirements Forecast

  • Liability, Expense & Cash Disbursement Journal Entry Listing

  • Vendor Name & Address Listing

  • Accounts Payable Voucher Listing

  • 1099 Reporting

  • Check Reconciliation

The General Ledger module is the overview of the Financial Management System. The General Ledger integrates the information from accounts receivable and accounts payable with other general ledger journal entries to provide the various reports required to effectively manage your business.

General Ledger

  • Flexible User Defined General Ledger Account Structures

  • Audit Capability to Analyze Accounts

  • Summarizes Budget vs. Actual Information for Management Review & Action

  • Provides Trial Balance Reporting at the Detail Sub-Account, Account or Control Account Levels

  • Produces Detailed & Consolidated Financial Reports

  • Complete Audit Trails Provided by the Journals from Posting Programs


G/L Reporting

  • Chart of Accounts Listing

  • Company Name & Address

  • Journal Entry Edit Listing

  • Trial Balance

  • Budget vs. Actual Expense

  • Balance Sheet

  • Income Statement

  • Comparative Balance Analysis

The Warehouse Management Reporting module provides timely information related to the activities and resources utilized to generate revenues and expenses.

Warehouse Management Reporting

  • Space Utilization Analysis

  • Product Movement Analysis

  • Revenue Analysis

  • Product Velocity Analysis

  • Pallet Density Analysis

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